Why Use Poly Mailers (Advantages of Poly Mailers)

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Using boxes for shipping your boxes is not only bulky because most of the time, but you also don’t really need a cumbersome box in the first place.

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, cutting corners is a big no-no, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cut costs. Reducing your packaging costs is now possible thanks to poly mailers.

Poly mailers provide a surprisingly cheap alternative to standard packaging and at the same time, are easier to ship and pack and take up less space than boxes.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should start using poly mailers, here are some of their advantages that will convince you to do so sooner than later.

An Affordable Option for Shipping

Probably one of the biggest advantages of using poly mailers is none other than their affordability for shipping and purchasing alike. Poly mailers for lightweight packages can be shipped for less than a dollar. If you buy in bulk, every unit of poly mailers may only cost you around $0.25 compared to mailer boxes of the same size which can cost you $1.25 each or higher.

Poly Mailers Have Become a Staple Today

Some merchants often don’t like the idea of something that looks and feels flimsy. The good news is that poly mailers have now become commonplace and are also very economical. If you have ever tried to buy from Amazon, you might have received your order in a mailer envelope. Some of your favorite things might have already been shipped and delivered to you in poly mailers.


Not easily torn, resistant to dust and water, and weather-proof, you can expect poly mailers to withstand different conditions with no need to worry that the contents inside will be compromised or damaged.

Additional Security

More than anyone else, you are the one who knows your product best. If you think that your product can use an extra layer, poly mailers lined with bubble wrap can be your best choice.

If your product is a piece of cloth with no threat of being damaged during transit, you can always pick a different one. What matters here is that custom poly mailers can give you the freedom to choose.

Aside from the said varieties, you can also find poly mailers with options for tamper-evident sealing so the customers will know how to properly open them. Always consider the specific conditions before you ship your products.

Even if many of these mailers are waterproof, don’t forget to check the details to ensure that your product will reach your customers safely.

Customizable and Brandable

Aside from being affordable, poly mailers are also amazingly customizable. Business owners know all too well how important a branded shipping experience is, whether it is for a subscription box or a standard shipment. The price point for customization of poly mailers is much cheaper than customizing boxes.

Easy Storage

Last but definitely not least, poly mailers are great space-savers. They may even take up hardly any space at all. These also stack nicely without requiring any assembly, unlike boxes, letting you pack more parcels faster.

Start using poly mailers today and experience their amazing benefits!

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