Why Poly Mailer Manufacturer Sets Such a High Moq?

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Why Poly Mailer Manufacturer Sets Such a High Moq?

Many customers will encounter a problem: I only need two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand customized express bags, but the poly mailer manufacturer tells that they can’t do it, the minimum order quantity is 20,000-30,000.

For merchants who are just starting their business or those who cooperate with factories for the first time, they don’t understand and find it difficult to accept such a high MOQ.

Here I will explain to you why the poly mailer manufacturer sets such a high MOQ and some of my suggestions.

Why the poly mailer manufacturer sets such a high MOQ?

Expensive printing

Packaging bag printing is gravure printing. One color needs a copper plate, the plate fee is expensive. Depending on the complexity of the bag pattern, one copper plate price ranges from $90 to $125. For example, if you want to print a bag with 6 colors, the plate fee will cost $540-$750. This is unacceptable for small order customers.

If the MOQ is not reached, the factory will lose money.

One machine can produce 100,000 poly mailer bags (8 hours). Assuming that the customer only needs 10,000, then the factory will need 3 hours for printing presses, plate changes, pressure roller changes, ink changes, color mixing and proofing. Then it will be produced out in 1 hour. As a factory, efficiency must be the top priority. If there is no MOQ limit for custom printed packaging bags and the order is too small, it is a huge waste of production capacity, and no poly mailer manufacturer can afford this waste for a long time.

If you find a factory and want to customize 100, assuming that the bag has only one color, the copper fee is about 100 US dollars. The unit price will be very high, including material loss, labor fee and production capacity loss. It is not recommended to contact the poly mailer manufacturer to buy it. Shop to buy with e-commerce store or just buy normal solid color poly mailer.

Therefore, it is recommended that many customers who pursue the quality of mailing bags and want to customize the poly bags can accept the reserve as much as possible and can reach the minimum order quantity, so that you can get the cost-effective and customized poly mailer bags.


Generally, the minimum order quantity of many poly mailer manufacturers is 30,000, but WH Global Pack’s MOQ can be lower as 10,000 because we hope to help customers get high-quality and cost-effective poly mailer packaging and work together for a win-win situation.

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