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Packages and courier bags are something which is needed for every type of product. The best thing about courier bags is that you can have different sizes of bags for different types of products. Many local companies offer courier bags, but even if you have choices, you should still take courier bags from the high-end manufacturer. Your customers don’t want their products to be spilt on their way home. There are many courier bags manufacturers in the world, but not all of them are good enough. Here we have provided the list top ten courier bag manufacturers in the world.

1. Whpack

The top name which you will hear in the field of courier bags manufacturers is Whpack. They are the professional courier bags manufacturers in China, and they are have been making and supplying courier bags since 2010. The company is based in China, and their main product is poly mailers and bubble mailers. They claim to provide different bags with customized logos, sizes, prints, and innovative designs to meet your business demands. The minimum order limit is 10,000 pieces in a single go. You can trust Whpack as their courier bags are eco-friendly, water or moisture resistant, recyclable, have adhesive flap closure, peel and seal adhesive liner, durable, compostable, and biodegradable etc. If you are searching for a good courier bags manufacturer and supplier for your business who can deliver customized courier bags and that too on time, you should consider contacting Whpack. Although their minimum order quantity is high, they are still the best and economical courier bag manufacturers in the world.

2. Action Bag and Cover Inc.

Action Bag and Cover are famous as the manufacturers of bags, cases and covers. Their products are fabricated from nylon, canvas, vinyl, cotton, and leather, so you can assure that the packaging you are getting for your company is of solid quality. They are serving products for OEM, industrial, medical, sports, or promotional use. All of the products this company produced have in-house production, so they will never compromise in quality. Action Bag and the Cover company is a strong community of over 150+ skilled workers who are professional in their work and can do wonders within a limited time. The company has more than two decades of experience. Their specialty is wholesaling and custom manufacturing, producing custom backpacks, sports bags, and canvas bags. Action Bag and Cover supply top quality products at relatively lower prices and that too on time. You can ensure that your order will never be late.

3. Riverside Paper Co.

Riverside Paper is a top-end manufacturer and supplier of the compartment, courier nylon, conductive, doorknob, and concrete bags. They also produce and deliver other products like corrugated boxes, cohesive packaging material, warehouse, security, safety, storage, protective cushioning equipment, labels, mailers, packaging machinery, wrapping papers and many other products. Riverside Paper also offers custom design and printing so that you can customize the courier bags according to your business needs. Riverside Paper Co has a good customer service policy, and they work directly with customers to provide the customers with unique packaging, fast shipping, and low production costs. Moreover, you can choose the design of your liking, and they will sew that type of courier bag efficiently and timely. Riverside and paper were first established in 1973, and they have been providing great products and services since then. If you are interested in buying from this company, visit their website for contact information and contact them to place your order.

4. LBU Inc.

LBU Inc is a top-notch manufacturer and distributor of courier bags and cases. They serve some of the world’s major industries, including recreation, travel, pharmaceutical, shopping, sport, art, financial, retail, and advertising. They also offer custom labelling for brands so that they can be differentiated from others. This is a New York-based company that have professional and skilled workers. Their workers work efficiently to produce unique and eye-catching courier bags, which will definitely make your brand stand out in the supermarket. Moreover, their products are also of impeccable quality and high durability. Courier bags manufactured by LBU Inc are strong enough to help you in everyday use. LBU Inc is the company you can definitely trust. They offer customized and fashionable custom bags to meet the needs of your brand. This company is keen to produce esthetic design bags and that too of top quality. Due to this reason, they have industry-leading technology and printing equipment. With their high-end equipment, you will get solid and good looking products.

5. Tetrafab Custom Cases

Tetrafab Custom Cases designs and manufactures various products, including courier bags of all sizes and shapes. In addition, their top quality courier bags are weather, water, and moisture resistant. They provide their services for a variety of industries, including bags of indoor and outdoor sports, camera equipment and gear, medical devices, travel and electronics etc. Nylon, PVC, polyester, and neoprene are major materials that make their customized bags. Tetrafab Custom Cases produce customizable bags on which you can stamp, sew, or screen your company’s logo. They produce products from high-end techniques like computerized sewing, heat sealing, heat staking, and ultrasonic welding. Tetrafab can also sew, screen, or rubber stamp your company logo on your customized courier bags. Tetrafab features high volume, low-cost innovative designing and manufacturing of high-quality courier bags. Moreover, their good customer service will always assure that the client’s needs and demands are fulfilled.

6. JohnPac, LLC

John-Paul is a USA based courier bags manufacturing company. They produce a variety of courier bags, including BOPP bags, burlap bags, cotton bags, FIBC’s or bulk bags, paper bags, bubble bags, sandbags, polypropylene bulk bags, corrugated boxes, small ploy weave bags, stretch film, PE bags, void fillers and shrink film and many more. Moreover, their products are always up to the mark. You can tell your demands to the company and JohnPac will produce the courier bags exactly similar to your requirements. In addition, the courier bags made by this company is of good quality. You don’t have to face trouble once you have put your trust in them. If you are finding a good manufacturer and distributor of courier bags, then reach out to them through their contact information available on their website. They have an excellent customer policy to ensure that your products are always on time.

7. Smith and Son, Inc.

SST company is a custom manufacturer and distributor of bags made up of materials like canvas, Cordura nylon, and polyester microfiber. They produce all sorts of bags, including athletic, laundry, camera, clothing, disposal, duffle, grass catcher, ballast, lineman, litter pickup, mail, medical, sand, ski, toll, tote, etc. SST also offers screen printing on courier bags in any colour and size (depending on your requirements). SST is a relatively small company compared to others on the list, but they surely have high-quality products. In addition, they offer custom printing and custom designing of courier bags, so no one has to feel trouble in representing their brands. Their innovative designs will make your brand stand out from the others in a rack of the supermarket.

8. Imperial Paper Co.

Imperial Paper Co was first established in 1983, and since then, they have been serving the market by producing courier bags with both strength and innovative design. They produce custom packaging and promotional products to help their customers choose which design of courier bag they want. The main offerings of Imperial Paper are custom packaging, displays, packaging design, custom boxes and many more. Since this company was first established, it is constantly growing, and the number of their clients are flourishing everyday due to their excellent customer service and high-end products. The mode of their work is simple. Firstly you just have to select a product for which you want a bag. Next, you have to pick a bag design from the plenty of already available designs, or you can also take help from their designers for specific designs. Once your design has been approved, you need to make payment and place the order. Once you have completed your order, they will manufacture the courier bags and deliver them to your warehouse in due time.

9. Robinson Windword, Inc.

Robinson Windward is the USA based incorporation to produce customized courier bags. Their services include designing, prototyping, labelling, die-cutting, label replacing, bar tacking, screen printing, heat sealing, and snapping. Robinson Windward manufactures bags for various industries, including commercial, industrial, medical, sports, search and rescue, and various military appliances. They also make a variety of bags and cases, including bags with or without shoulder straps, bags with waist belts, protective cases, gun cases, handheld cases, goggles cases, and navy carrying bags. Umbrella covers and hitch covers are also available at Robinson Windword. With the industry-leading manufacturing and screening equipment of Robinson Windword, you can be assured that your order is in safe hands.

10. Custom Poly Packaging

As the name suggests, Custom Poly Packaging is the custom manufacturer of bags and cases used in courier, mailing, and shipping applications. The most commonly used material for bags manufacturing is low-density, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP/LDPE blend) and co-extruded polyethylene (CO-EX PE plastic), and the resultant courier bags are plain, clear and ready for custom painting. Bags types offered by Custom Poly Packaging include multilayer film plastic bags, zip lock bags, thermal reflective barrier bags, metalized bags, sterile bags for lab, re-sealable bags, header bags, and peel and stick lip bags. All types of materials used to make the customized bag are FDA approved, so you don’t have to worry about any hazardous effects of bags.

11. Final Verdict

Customized courier bags are a great way to advertise your business and earn more customers. The first thing which will bring you, customers, in the design and colour of bags in which you seal the product. So if you want to make your business well known, the first thing you should do is to get customized courier bags. In this article, we have provided the top 10 courier bags manufacturers of the world. You can still do your research for your assurance before signing a contract with any of them.

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