Three Impacts of COVID-19 on Packaging

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Three impacts of COVID-19 on packaging

There is no question that the pandemic has changed the way we work and live. Even the way we shop. In fact, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of 2020. Therefore, there is such a high demand for shipping packaging.

Here I would like to talk about three impacts of COVID-19 on plastic custom shipping bags.

The demand for custom shipping bags is increasing

As I mentioned before, Due to the epidemic, many people have to change their shopping behaviors. Competition between companies has increased because many traditional industries and offline stores have switched to online sales.

So, in an increasingly competitive channel, how can your shipping package help you differentiate your business and win with consumers?

A recent study showed that packaging experience affects 56% of consumers’ repurchase behavior, so custom shipping bags can not only enhance brand value, but also allow consumers to repurchase continuously.

Of course, consumers also have requirements for the quality of the custom poly mailers. It will have a bad impact on the consumer’s shopping experience if they received damaged products.

Only by making a small change in the packaging, the company can stand out from the crowd.

Reusable/returnable shipping bags

Most merchants now support free shipping,but consumers desire and many times choose who to shop with based on the availability of free returns.

In order to avoid increased costs, many poly mailer manufacturers provide reusable bags, which not only meets the sustainable development plan, but also saves costs for the company, and at the same time improves the customer’s shopping experience.

Sustainable shipping packaging solutions

Consumers are looking for purposeful brands with a commitment to achieving a sustainability vision. Consumers do not want a plastic bag that is too big for its contents. They also do not want three individual items to arrive in three different plastic shipping bags. 

While excessive packaging may make the product protected and look more beautiful, it is also consuming wasteful resources throughout the entire supply chain.

While the poly mailer manufacturers provide recycled shipping envelopes and bio-degradable mailer bags, these kind of packaging is 100% made of recycle materials and environmentally friendly.


Choosing a reliable custom shipping bags manufacturer is very important, not only to strengthen your supply chain, but also to help you optimize packaging to give customers a good user experience.

When choosing a supplier, you must consider the quality of the product, the supplier’s production capability and the trustworthiness of the manufacturer. Because A damaged product negatively impacts the consumer experience, sustainability and your supply chain costs.

WH Global Pack is a very reliable poly mailers supplier, who have been focusing on the poly mailer bag industry for ten years. WH can make professional custom poly mailers for customers. We take into account the brand value and packaging cost of our customers, produce high-quality products and strive to help brand owners make differentiation.

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