Three Common Packaging Mistakes Business Made

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Three Common Packaging Mistakes Business Made

With the development of technology, people’s reliance on online shopping is getting higher, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic especially, more companies have to switch to online sales.

How to avoid the risk of making mistakes in product packaging such as poly mailers, and delivery, so that you can reduce cost risks and increase sales.

Here is some common mistakes people make, so that you can avoid them.


1 / Choosing the wrong size of a box or poly mailer.

If you ship with UPS or FedEx, you are probably aware that carriers use dimensional pricing to determine package shipping costs.

The online sellers put a battery in a huge box and that would cost space in the truck, the courier company could have fitted 5-6 more packages and got more revenue from it, so they introduced dimensional pricing.

For example, if you’re shipping a pound of the goods in a giant 20*20*20 box, they’ll charge you for the volume instead of the actual weight. So your shipping costs will increase by probably 30% for using the wrong size shipping boxes.

And you will waste the amount of void fill and cushioning if you choose a too-big box, or the package will be damaged with less protection material.

For online customers, they pay attention to the shopping experience. Once they receive a too-big box or too small, they will think that it is a waste, my items are damaged. Any or all of these thoughts can negatively impact your brand.

Sometimes a combination of poly mailers and boxes works for your online store. You might use a beautiful box for large orders but use a custom printed mailing bags for smaller orders, especially if you’re a clothing brand.

You should choose the right size of poly mailers because it influences the price.


2/Choosing the wrong size of a box or poly mailers


There are numerous types of protective packaging, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your brand’s needs.

If you are shipping more than one product per box, make sure to pack each product separately so that your item does not clink against each other during shipping and damage each other.

For fragile goods, it is crucial that you use proper cushioning in your box so that products will be safely protected from any shakes, rolling, or jolts.


3 / Using low-quality packaging materials

Low-quality packaging materials may damage your brand value, the box has many types and cardboard is often seen as a cheap resource and is bought in bulk with no consideration for its quality. Actually, not all cardboard is the same. Some are manufactured from low-quality wood, they are more likely to crush easily under pressure or suffer from damp spots issues.

The quality of supplementary packaging items such as tape, foam rollers, labels, and the bubble is also ignored, resulting in poor protection for your items. therefore, the risk of your products being damaged or ruined during shipping increases, leading to a bad shopping experience for customers and a disappointing reflection of your care of customers.

The high-quality polyethylene material can resist a lot of stress damage, including pulling, tearing, and puncturing. That same material helps to block out light, dirt, and the sun. They’re also protective of moisture-phobic products or anything that can fade from sun exposure. If you use low-quality poly mailers that will not protect your product and the customer will return the item and never order again.



As an online retailer, one of the most important aspects of your business is making sure your products get to your customers without damage.

Getting shipping to customers safe and helps reduce returns which ultimately affects your profitability, as does choose the right type and size of shipping boxes and poly mailers, as does choose high-quality boxes, mailing bags, and supplementary packaging items.

Also, get your custom printed boxes and poly mailers can help you increase your brand value. Click here to get your brand poly mailer packaging.

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