printed poly mailers

printed poly mailers


Printed poly mailers are made of a 3-layer co-extruded LDPE material that is white on the outside and gray or black on the inside. Our printed poly mailers are entirely customization, allowing for configurations such as Custom Logo, Custom Text, custom pattern and more, to allow for a presentation that will help your brand stand out!

WH Packaging offers various designs, including customer’s logo or text, rustic sunflowers, Christmas designs, watercolor prints, vibrant florals, thank you designs, and so many more! Please send us your design drawing or specifications. We are going to offer you a perfect product.


  • Large imprint area or full bleed
  • All kind of release strip option, including PE, Anti-static, White pearlescent, etc
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Start with 10,000 pcs.
  • Matte or Glossy finishing

Low MOQ:10000

100% Free Sample

Fully Customized

Distribute Globally

Shipping guarantee:

Details and Specifications

color customized outer / Black Inner
Size dimensions Customized
Thickness 2.35mil
Material 100% Virgin LDPE
Leadtime 25 working days
Packing carton
Feature tear-resistance, strong adhesive
Service quick relpy within 12 hours

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Why Choose WH Packaging printed poly mailers

WH Packaging printed poly mailers manufacturing processes include poly mailers film blowing, poly mailers color printed, poly mailer bags making, printed poly mailers packaging and more.

As an ISO 9001 certificated poly mailers supplier, WH Packaging strictly controls the shipping bags’ quality.
As a professional poly mailers manufacturer,

WH Packaging could offer the best-printed poly mailers base on your drawings.

WH Packaging offers professional product experts to help you choose suitable printed poly mailers for you. They will suggest the thickness and size of poly mailers perfect for your products, and they can help you reduce the cost, such as they can help you design the pattern to control the print color. You could also add other special features to your poly mailers. We have enough know-how to support your design.

wh factory

What are the printed poly mailers?

Printed poly mailers are personalized logos or text or graphics on the mailers—ideal for branded companies for their clothes or soft goods to shipping.

printed poly mailers

printed poly mailers

Why use printed poly mailers?

Utilizing custom printed poly mailers provides much business, such as premium luxury items, keys, jewelry, clothing, a great chance to increase brand recognition. 

Our printed poly mailers are fully customized, allowing features such as a Custom logo, Custom text such as your Facebook land Instagram link to allow for an awareness that will help your brand stand out.

In your custom printed poly mailers, you can easily create shiny, matte, shiny-matte combined patterns, etc.

Printed poly mailers can bring more customer traffic to the merchants, thereby increasing the merchant’s revenue. When the customer unwraps the express bag, he will be attracted by the information wrapped in the bag, allowing the customer to remember the merchant’s brand when buying next time, thereby enhancing the merchant’s popularity among the crowd and significantly increasing people’s popularity repurchase rate.

What are the benefits of printed poly mailers?

There are a variety of benefits to using custom printed poly mailers for companies and ordinary individuals. They are incredibly adaptable as well as you can utilize them in various situations. A company can use them for item packaging or send the catalogs to their customers. Ordinary people can use them to ship products or goods to their friends through the express.

I listed three benefits of printed poly mailers:

1.  Cost-effective

Typically, printed poly mailers are cheaper to purchase than Kraft or corrugated shipping solutions. For online businesses selling small and lightweight items like clothes and books, weight matters when shipping. Printed poly mailers are lightweight and easy to storage to reduce shipping costs to provide more competitive pricing products to your customers.
Here is the other situation that printed poly mailers can reduce your cost. If you import the printed poly mailers from India or China to the USA, the poly mailers are very thin, so they take up less storage space than boxes, and the shipping fee is cheaper than bubble mailers or boxes.

2. Keep products secure and prevent product damage

Although printed poly mailers are lightweight, they are durable and don’t easily get torn, as well as they are weatherproof and waterproof. They can prevent products from getting wet during transit.

Printed poly mailers offer strong adhesive. They are tamper-resistant, preventing packages from being opened and re-sealed.

3. Increase brand awareness

The customized printed poly mailers provide total free advertising of your products. Although they do not offer the same unboxing experience as a box, it is still impressive to attract the customer’s attention. It will help you stand out among your competitors if you are selling it online.

What printing technique is used in printed poly mailers?

WH Packaging offers rotogravure printing techniques on printed poly mailers.

We engrave an image of the print on copper plate for this type of printing technique and then add the cooper template to the printing machines.

Here are some pros and cons of using rotogravure printing for printed poly mailers:

1. Rotogravure printing creates the highest quality images on poly mailers.
2. The copper plate can last a long time, even after continuous use. Usually, they can be stored for two years.
3. Capable of printing poly mailers of different thicknesses
4. Low cost for bulk printing

1. The price will be very high if you want to custom 500-5000 pieces printed poly mailers, typically 20,000 pieces printed poly mailers cost is reasonable for using a rotogravure printing technique.

copper plate

the copper plate

Can I have two sides printed and full-bleed printed?

Definitely yes.

You can see we made the printed poly mailers for our customers are available for two sides printed and full-bleed printed.

But generally, we provide the printed poly mailers bags with a designated space for your graphic design. Below is the picture for your reference:

poly mailers printing area

the poly mailers printing area

The full-bleed printed is very beautiful, but the cost is higher than normal printed. If your design has a white background, then you do not need to choose full-bleed printing. 

The price is higher than normal poly mailers because to produce a full-bleed 8.5” x 11” printed poly mailers. The printed poly mailers need to have the size extended to 8.75” x 11.25”. Once printed, a cutter machine will cut off .125” from each side of the printed poly mailers to the final dimension. 

Then you can get the full bleed printed poly mailers.

How many colors can be customized?

WH Packaging offers eight printing machines. With our customization service, you have the option to choose up to 10 colors from Pantone to print your pattern according to your custom needs.

Are printed poly mailers strong adhesive and tear-resistance?

Yes, printed poly mailers feature strong adhesive and tear-resistance, here is the video to show the features.

Printed poly mailers have a strong self-sealing adhesive closure, which helps to save valuable time and keep products secure with added security. You also can choose tamper resistant release line to protect the products not to open.

What is customization processing?

Step #1: Send your design
You can send us your design in PDF or AI format. Talk with us and let us know your idea so that we can fully understand your need.

Step #2: Confirm Design & Quotation
Based on a fully understanding of your ideas or thorough study of your logo format, our designers will provide your poly mailers artwork with the specification for your reference.

Then we can give you an accurate quotation for your team valuated.

Step #3: Sample Confirm & Mass Production
After the sample has been confirmed, we will arrange the mass production for your customized poly mailers.

What is the Production Lead Time for printed poly mailers?

Generally for small orders, the lead time is 25 working days, include copper template for printed poly mailers making time is seven working days. But for the large bulk orders, you can contact us to discuss it.

WH Packaging’s annual production volume is 9,000,000 pieces, and you needn’t worried about the lead time we offered to you.

Is printed poly mailers expensive?

Compared to boxes, printed poly mailers are very cheap.

Compared to the white poly mailers, printed poly mailers cost is a little bit higher.

Although WH Packaging offers up to 10 colors printing, i am highly recommend your design keeps in 1-2 colors, because more color, more cost.

What should you consider when choosing printed poly mailers?

One of the essential benefits of poly mailers for businesses is their quality: durability.

If a business does not secure their products and other items properly, they will lose a lot of money. Using substandard materials is never a good idea as items can get lost or damaged. You have a much better chance of items arriving at a customer’s address with poly mailers.

If customers receive a damaged product or don’t receive them, they will complain and ask to resend the item out again, which will cost you more money. It is not worth damaging your reputation and losing money in this way by saving a few dollars with inferior packaging, which offers little protection.

Blow is our quality certificate.

quality certificate

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