Reusable poly mailers

Reusable poly mailers


Reusable poly mailers are made of top-quality material LDPE; their two double release liners offer more flexibility for the users and help the seller reduce the potential cost. They are perfect for retailers and online stores for their item shipping and their returns process.

WH Packaging also offers custom designs and custom logo reusable poly mailers; they are a good marketing tool and can grab the customers’ attention. You can make use of the reusable poly mailers to stand out among the competitors.


  • Matte or Glossy finishing
  • All kind of release strip option, including PE, Anti-static, White pearlescent, etc
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Start with 10,000 pcs.

Low MOQ:10000

100% Free Sample

Fully Customized

Distribute Globally

Shipping guarantee:

Details and Specifications

color customized outer / Black Inner
Size dimensions Customized
Thickness 2.35mil
Material LDPE
Leadtime 25 working days
Packing carton
Feature tear-resistance, strong adhesive
Service quick relpy within 12 hours

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Why Choose WH Packaging reusable poly mailers

As one of the leading manufacturers for recycled poly mailers, WH Packaging values the importance of every poly mailer bag’s quality. By providing customized and attendance service, we could guarantee 100% quality products. As an ISO 9001 certificated poly mailers supplier, WH Packaging strictly controls the shipping bags’ quality.

WH Packaging offers professional product experts to help you choose the suitable poly mailers for you. They will suggest the thickness and size of reusable poly mailers perfect for your products, and they can help you reduce the cost, such as they can help you design the pattern to control the print color. You could also add other special features to your poly mailers, such as side gusset and bottom gusset and die-cut bag. We have enough know-how to support your design.

We value your time. So whenever you deal with us, we always make sure to send valuable poly mailers. Our production team will work closely with you in every process. WH Packaging aims to produce easy-to-use and quality recycled poly mailers at an affordable price.

We are continuously updated and stay ahead of our poly mailers. So for your inquiries and consulting, please feel free to contact us today.

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What are reusable poly mailers?

The reusable poly mailers are bags with double self-adhesive strips which can be used twice. You can tear and use the glue above; when you want to reuse the bags, you can tear from the dotted lines to use the second glue.
Reusable poly mailers are an idea for Non-Fragile Items, Apparel, Soft Goods, Internet Retail, Health Care and more.

reusable poly mailers (6)

reusable poly mailers

What are the pros of reusable poly mailers?

  1. Convenience
    Using reusable poly mailers, you can provide your customers the increased convenience of returning the item to you undamaged and in the same packing as it came in. In addition, the customers will save money as they don’t have to purchase a new mailer.
  2. Save money
    If the customer wants to return the product, they need to find a package to hold it. Once the product is damaged, you will lose the money. If you use the reusable poly mailers, you can make sure the product undamaged.
  3. Relatively environmental friendly
    You can use reusable poly mailers twice with double glue. So it’s relatively environmentally friendly by reusing these bags twice.

Are reusable poly mailers strong adhesive?

Of course.

Our reusable poly mailers are not only strong adhesive but also tear-resistance. WH Packaging continuously provides good quality to our customers.

Since reusable poly mailers are used for shipping products, it is vital that their quality is being tested according to the requirement of the products secret and they needed to protect.

The various ways effectively test the quality of the reusable poly mailers, such as Friction Testing and Tensile testing.

Here is the video about the quality of reusable poly mailers for your reference:

What quantity of reusable poly mailers do manufacturers provide at once?

For WH Packaging, this is dependent on the customer’s order.
However, the least quantity that is allowed for the order of reusable poly mailers is 20,000 pieces bags.

Generally, for our regular poly mailers, the MOQ is 10000 pieces. But make the reusable poly mailers with double self-adhesive strips, the MOQ should be 20000 pieces per size because if only 10000, the production cost will be much higher, 20000pcs MOQ will be more reasonable.

How many colors can be printed on the reusable poly mailers?

At WH Packaging, the option of aesthetics on reusable poly mailers and other types of poly mailers is unlimited.
We allow the clients to share their idea of branding or customization.

The colors for printing available are up to 10 colors, and if you have special requirements, you can speak to our sales department about them.

recycled poly mailers size

poly mailers printed area

What customization options are available?

Reusable poly mailers can be designed and customized in different ways to suit your needs and that of your products.

Several different design options are available for reusable poly mailers bags, and WH Packaging is vast and experienced in the design and branding of all types of shipping bags.

WH Packaging allows you to customize the reusable poly mailers in a way that meets your needs and reflects your brand identity. Some printing and designing methods available for reusable poly mailers are matte or glossy finishing and full-bleed printing.

You can request the addition of a particular feature or the combination of some features that suit your needs and that of your products to reusable poly mailers. Such as punch hole, handle, expansion and windows.

If you have any thoughts about the customized poly mailers, you can talk to our sales department to help you come true the poly mailers.

Are reusable poly mailers recyclable?

There is an increased involve environmental conservation, and therefore the legislation of varied nations has stipulated a compulsory adherence to environmental protection and conservation in industrial manufacturing and technology.

As one of the leading manufacturers of poly mailers in China, WH Packaging is strongly committed to environmental conservation and sustainability and assists clients in developing an environmentally conscious approach.

We could provide eco-friendly materials for producing reusable poly mailers if some customer needed.

What is the cost of reusable poly mailers when an order is placed?

At WH Packaging, the cost of reusable poly mailers depends on some factors.

They include:

  1. Type of release liner
  2. Quantity of order
  3. Reusable poly mailers add-on
  4. Printing color of the reusable poly mailers

How to use the reusable poly mailers?

The reusable poly mailers have an easy perforation dot line. When you receive the package, tear the peroration line to open the bag. (without having to mangle or poke holes within the bag to urge their goods)

If the customer wants to return it to the seller, they can use the second adhesive strip to send the items back.

Will the easy-to-tear dotted line be challenging to tear and cause inconvenience to use?

The double strips are usually paired with perforated dot lines, allowing the customer to tear the bag easily.

Two perforated dot lines are more straightforward to tear than one perforated dot line, and the price is not much different. And for the perforated line, we can also add a tear hole, which will tear the bag open very easily. It is very convenient.

Here is the picture of the two perforated dot lines.

perforation dot lines

two perforated dot lines

How to choose the perfect reusable poly mailers?

Some of the factors that you have to consider before choosing reusable poly mailers are:

  1. Carefully analyzing your product size will assist you in determining the best dimension and thickness of the reusable poly mailers for your product.
  2. You must consider the quality of the reusable poly mailers, such as the tensile and the glue. It is also necessary to consider the durability and resistance of reusable poly mailers.
  3. The price and affordability of reusable poly mailers should be considered to ensure cost-effectiveness. You have to consider the design of the reusable poly mailers to ensure it’s cost.
  4. It is necessary that you consider reusable poly mailers’ user-friendliness to ensure easy usage for manufacturers and easy access for consumers.
    If you considered all of them, you could find the perfect reusable poly mailers.

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