recycled Poly Mailers

Recycled Poly Mailer


Recycled poly mailers are made of 100% recycled plastic raw material; although their material is different from regular poly mailers, the quality is the same. They are perfect for retailers and online stores for their item shipping and their returns process. This type of poly mailer is trendy in the UK marketplace.

WH Packaging also offers custom designs and custom company logo recycled poly mailers; they are a good marketing tool and can grab the customers’ attention. You can make use of recycled poly mailers to stand out among the competitors.


  • Matte or Glossy finishing
  • All kind of release strip option, including PE, Anti-static, White pearlescent, etc
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Start with 10,000 pcs.

Low MOQ:10000

100% Free Sample

Fully Customized

Distribute Globally

Shipping guarantee:

Details and Specifications

color black outer / Black Inner
Size dimensions Customized
Thickness 2.35mil
Material 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic
Leadtime 25 working days
Packing carton
Feature tear-resistance, strong adhesive
Service quick relpy within 12 hours

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Why Choose WH Packaging recycled poly mailers

As one of the leading manufacturers for recycled poly mailers, WH Packaging values the importance of every poly mailer bag’s quality. By providing customized and attendance service, we could guarantee 100% quality products. As an ISO 9001 certificated poly mailers supplier, WH Packaging strictly controls the shipping bags’ quality.

WH Packaging offers professional product experts to help you choose the suitable poly mailers for you. They will suggest the thickness and size of reusable poly mailers perfect for your products, and they can help you reduce the cost, such as they can help you design the pattern to control the print color. You could also add other special features to your poly mailers, such as side gusset and bottom gusset and die-cut bag. We have enough know-how to support your design.

We value your time. So whenever you deal with us, we always make sure to send valuable poly mailers. Our production team will work closely with you in every process. WH Packaging aims to produce easy-to-use and quality recycled poly mailers at an affordable price.

We are continuously updated and stay ahead of our poly mailers. So for your inquiries and consulting, please feel free to contact us today.

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What are recycled poly mailers?

Recycled poly mailers are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Recycled poly mailers are very thin, so they take up less storage space than boxes. Lighter weight than most other solutions, durable and rugged to get torn to protective mailers, and moisture resistant; therefore, your goods will arrive at the doorsteps of your customers in perfect condition. Recycled poly mailers also come in many different sizes and dimensions and are typically white or gray. And they also can provide your brand logo print on it.

The critical thing is recycled poly mailers are eco-friendly. It’s from plastic that has been disposed of by made out of 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic or post-consumer waste, thereby reducing waste in landfills, on land, and in water and reducing the carbon footprint related to drilling for more oil.

recycled poly mailers (2)

recycled poly mailers

What size recycled poly mailers do I need?

Most people will ask this question at first touch. The poly mailer size consists of width and length, and the best way is to measure the size of items or box you will fit in. The two dimensions (width and length) of your poly mailer would need to exceed the largest two dimensions of your box.

There below, we have a convenient formula to help to get dimensions:

  1. To determine mailer width: Add the Width of box + Height of box + ½ inch.
  2. To determine mailer length: Add the Length of box + Height of box + 1 inch.

For more information, you can click here:

The correct mailer size must be a minimum of the calculated height for both dimensions. Or you can send your measure size of the box to us, and we can calculate the best suitable poly mailer size for you.

recycled poly mailers size

recycled poly mailers size

Can I have your recycled poly mailers to print my company logo?

Of course.

There is one of our advantages to support custom design poly mailers! Branding your poly mailers is often an efficient way to building customer loyalty and assist you in driving new sales. Clients are more likely to print their brand logo on mailer bags; that’s free advertising for you! You will only need to send your logo picture to us, and we will feedback the perfect custom boutique mailing bags for you!

recycled poly mailers

printed recycled poly mailers

Are your recycled poly mailers environmentally friendly?

Our recycled poly mailers are made with 100% recycled content, and they are reusable and recyclable.

We love this because it means we’re giving new life to and creating a robust marketplace for previously used plastic bags that might rather be landfill-bound.

How Are your recycled poly mailers Eco-Friendly?

The recycled poly mailers use fewer natural resources and energy than producing virgin plastic; it’s also can reduce waste and the amount of material sent to landfills.

By re-using and then recycling the leftover material we use – rather than just disposing of it after a single use – we can help to reduce waste and save on raw materials, thereby cutting greenhouse emissions and contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

pros of recycled poly mailers

What are the materials of recycled poly mailers?

Our recycled poly mailers are made out of 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic! 

Utilizing recycled poly mailers means that we only ever use waste plastic to form our mailers and never produce new or virgin plastic. And more, the mailers are 100% recyclable to be made into something else, and it is commonly referred to in the industry as a circular economy product.

We also can make recycled poly mailers from post-consumer Recycled waste if request.

Below are the differences between pre-consumer recycled and post-consumer recycled:

Pre-Consumer Recycled – this is often waste that hasn’t yet been employed by the consumers and is usually from off-cuts, trimmings etc., that did not make it into the ultimate consumer product.

Post-Consumer Recycled – This is waste that comes from consumers recycling their plastic. When you recycle our mailers, it’ll become post-consumer waste.

Both have their merits. Using either of those, we will avoid plastic getting to landfills, which is the end goal.

Do you have the certificate for recycled poly mailers?

The answer is yes.

We can support recycled poly mailers with a GRS certificate.

Our company is committed to environmental protection, and we will always do sustainable packaging in the coming future.

What is the difference between recycling and composting?

Recycling is converting waste materials into new materials and objects. The source is existing plastic waste, and less energy is consumed to repurpose it. It is an alternative to standard waste disposal, which will save material and help lower greenhouse emissions.

Composting is a form of organic recycling, and it’s made from 70% of fossil fuel and 30% of plant-based materials. Compostable mailers are produced using significant energy investment in fuel and farming.

Do recycled poly mailers have a shelf life?

They should be fine to last as long as you need them! To avoid the color fading over time or sunlight, keep them in the carton they come in until ready to use.

What’s the quality compare recycled poly mailers between with LDPE poly mailers?

Although the 100% recycled bag is made by recycled material, but it’s function will be same as virgin material, they are all strong enough for normal use, you can use it with no worries.

What color are the recycled poly mailers?

Our standard 100% recycled poly mailers are gray outer black inner or white outer black inner, which can be also printed with your brand logo.

How fast can I expect my order to ship?

Our standard production time is 12-15 working days.

We have our factory and make scheduling plans every week, and we can control and have capabilities to adjust the production schedule appropriately.

Why is there a minimum order?

Minimum orders are required due to the nature of our products. Since all of our products are fully customized, the resources and cost required to fulfill a large number of small orders would be beyond our capacity.

Our minimum order requirement is also a benefit to our customers. The larger order is, the less expensive it is for us to produce each bag. Setting minimum order allows us to pass on the production savings to you, providing us the opportunity to offer such low prices. Additionally, this will enable us to give each order the time and attention it deserves, ensuring the quality our customers have come to expect.

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