Compostable poly mailers

Compostable/biodegradable poly mailers


Compostable poly mailers are made of PBAT/PLA; they are 100% compostable. Biodegradable poly mailers are the perfect alternative to plastic poly mailers for environmental sustainability. The compostable poly mailers are as strong as the plastic poly mailers.

WH Packaging also offers custom designs and custom logo compostable poly mailers; they are a good marketing tool and can grab the customers’ attention. You can use compostable poly mailers and biodegradable poly mailers to stand out among the competitors.


  • Matte or Glossy finishing
  • All kind of release strip option, including PE, Anti-static, White pearlescent, etc
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Start with 50,000 pcs.

Low MOQ:50000

100% Free Sample

Fully Customized

Distribute Globally

Shipping guarantee:

Details and Specifications

color customized outer / Black Inner
Size dimensions Customized
Thickness 2.35mil
Material PBAT/PLA
Leadtime 25 working days
Packing carton
Feature tear-resistance, strong adhesive
Service quick relpy within 12 hours

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Why Choose WH Packaging compostable/biodegradable poly mailers?

WH Packaging purchases the raw material of compostable and biodegradable poly mailers from the most professional company in china, and we can provide the raw material’s certification; any third-party organization is allowed to test and check.

As an ISO 9001 certificated poly mailers supplier, WH Packaging strictly controls the shipping bags’ quality.

As a professional poly mailers manufacturer and supplier, WH Packaging could offer the best compostable poly mailers base on your requirements as we use quality materials and inks.

WH Packaging offers professional product experts to help you choose the suitable poly mailers for you. They will suggest the thickness and size of compostable and biodegradable poly mailers perfect for your products, and they can help you reduce the cost, such as they can help you design the pattern to control the print color. You could also add other special features to your compostable poly mailers, such as side gusset and bottom gusset and die-cut bag. We have enough know-how to support your design.

wh factory

What are compostable poly mailers?

Compostable poly mailers are the alternative to plastic poly mailers; it is entirely eco-friendly, the function is no different with plastic poly mailers.

compostable poly mailers (3)

compostable and biodegradable poly mailers

What are the raw materials of your compostable and biodegradable poly mailers?

Our biodegradable poly mailer’s raw materials are PBAT/PLA. It is 100% compostable.

The raw material comes from soy and cornstarch, which is very environmentally friendly. This material conforms to international environmental standards. Its molding process can use traditional plastic processing equipment.

The potential advantages of using starch as raw material to develop biodegradable plastics are as follows:

  1. Starch has complete biodegradable ability in various environments;
    Starch molecules in the plastic degradation or ash, the formation of carbon dioxide gas, not toxic soil or air; 
  2. The mechanical properties of starch can be obtained after thermoplasticized by proper process.
  3. Starch is a renewable resource, and it is beneficial to the development of the rural economy to exploit starch utilization.
raw material of compostable poly mailers

raw material of compostable poly mailers

Is it possible to customize compostable poly mailers?

Yes, we can customize various colors for printing; you can choose any color from the Pantone.

WH Packaging can also customize biodegradable color masterbatch for your requirement. Such as if you want to customize the 100% exact color with other’s poly mailers bags, we can customize the mailers for you by using the customized color masterbatch.



What is your MOQ of compostable poly mailers?

50,000 pieces per size. (1 ton at least for one order).

Because this material is exceptional and expensive, our machine is large, and it needs many materials to run the production.

Can you recommend the size and thickness of compostable poly mailers?

Yes, you can tell me what the size of the product is, and the product is a non-fragile or fragile item, we will recommend a suitable size for you. We can also recommend some popular sizes for you if you want.

We can customize the thickness for you. A regular thickness is between 60mu and 90mu. More thicker, it will protect inner items well.

Have you ever made compostable and biodegradable poly mailers?

Our company has more than ten years of experience in the express bag industry. We can make poly mailers from many materials, such as new virgin materials, recycled materials, compostable and biodegradable materials.

At present, we have made both white biodegradable poly mailers and printed compostable poly mailers. We made China Post out of biodegradable materials.

How long will your compostable poly mailers take to break down?

The compostable poly mailers take three to six months to break down completely. That’s much faster than traditional plastic that should take hundreds of years to break down.

Compostable and Biodegradable poly mailers can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water, with almost zero environmental impact.

compostable poly mailers break down

What is the shelf life of the compostable and biodegradable poly mailers?

About six months. It’s also difficult to store because it’s compostable. We suggest you need to use it as quickly as possible.

Can you provide samples of compostable poly mailers?

Yes, we can provide free samples.

You only need to pay the shipping cost. We already have customers making biodegradable poly mailers. Because the compostable poly mailers are very environmentally friendly, in line with the trend of environmental protection.

Our company is also trying to keep up with the trend. WH Packaging will be promoting the use of biodegradable mailers.

Are compostable poly mailers of good quality?

You may get interested in comparing with the regular plastic poly mailers. And we know that this is an essential consideration. The compostable poly mailers also have good quality:

  1. Strong edge sealing — explosion-proof edge;
  2. Load-bearing capacity — good toughness;
  3. Moisture-proof and waterproof performance is good;
  4. Strong adhesive sealing.

We are the suppliers of DHL, TNT, UPS and Australia post etc. Product quality and cost are strictly controlled, so please trust and contact us if you are interested in a quotation.

Here is the video of compostable poly mailers quality test for your reference:

What are the environmental principles of compostable and biodegradable materials?

Under compostable conditions, the biodegradable poly mailers can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water without producing any harmful substances. It could be degradable entirely on the state of compost, without environmental pollution. It’s very environmentally friendly.

Under compostable conditions, biodegradable plastics can be gradually broken down into fragments under the combined action of several months of sun, rain and microorganisms, and eventually completely degraded.

In addition to environmental awareness and reducing the use of single-use plastics, another vital way to deal with “white pollution” is to replace ordinary plastics with biodegradable plastics.

principle of biodegradation cycle

Can you provide the raw material certificates of compostable poly mailers?

Yes, We can only provide you with the raw material certificates of compostable poly mailers after you place the order. But don’t worry, we can write a warranty for 100% of the materials we use.

WH Packaging also can support you to find a third-party testing company to test our product materials.

WH Packaging attached great importance to reputation, so we have won the recognition of many customers, thus maintaining long-term cooperative relations.

Can you tell the difference between biodegradable poly mailers and compostable poly mailers?

Compostable plastics are not entirely equivalent to biodegradable plastics. Compostable plastics belong to a category of biodegradable plastics.

It means that plastic can be transformed into carbon dioxide, water and mineralized inorganic salts of the elements contained in it and new biomass within a certain period through the action of microorganisms under composting conditions. The final formed compost heavy metal content, toxicity test, Residual debris, etc., should comply with relevant standards.

Because compostable plastics are biodegradable under certain conditions, if you randomly discard compostable plastics in the natural environment (such as seawater, soil), these bio-based plastics degrade very slowly in the natural environment and cannot be completely degraded in a short time. It is carbon dioxide and water, and its adverse effects on the environment are not substantially different from traditional plastics.

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