Colored Poly Mailers

Colored Poly Mailer


Colored poly mailers are no logo or pattern printed on them. They offer a perfect solution for packaging wholesalers and logistic companies. Also, they offer excellent protection from water and moisture. Of more important is the option they can customized with size which a factor that enhances your product shipping.

WH Packaging is proud to offer the colored poly mailers to our various clients. It can be manufactured smallest dimension is 80mm (W) * 100mm (L), the largest dimension is 900mm (W) * 1250mm (L). Colored poly mailers only can be used for non-fragile products or with well protect boxes.


  • Matte or Glossy finishing
  • All kind of release strip option, including PE, Anti-static, White pearlescent, etc
  • All handle hole or punched hole available
  • Start with 20,000 pcs.

Low MOQ:20000

100% Free Sample

Fully Customized

Distribute Globally

Shipping guarantee:

Details and Specifications

color black outer / Black Inner
Size dimensions Customized
Thickness 2.35mil
Material 100% Virgin LDPE
Leadtime 25 working days
Packing carton
Feature tear-resistance, strong adhesive
Service quick relpy within 12 hours

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Why Choose WH Packaging colored poly mailers

It’s not easy to find a reliable colored poly mailers manufacturer at a reasonable price; WH Packaging is the right one for you.

Colored poly mailers are very popular in e-commerce stores or small businesses to ship non-fragile items, such as T-Shirts and shoes. It is a good way to reduce the shipping cost for the seller.

Colored poly mailers we use 100% virgin material which make the poly mailer more tear-resistance and touch smooth, we have strict quality control, the unqualified product will be taken out before package.

WH Packaging is a custom colored poly mailer manufacturer which specialized in the packaging field for ten years, we have a lot of poly mailer manufacturing experience that can help our clients reduce shipping costs and win customer’s good feedback.

wh factory

Definition of colored poly mailers.

Colored poly mailers come in many colors, including red, blue, blue, black, white, etc. WH Packaging can custom any colors to follow your requirement.

Colored Poly Mailers

colored poly mailers

What are colored poly mailers used for?

Generally, colored poly mailers are used for shipping industries. Especially the white and black color poly mailers, they are popular in the express companies.

Nowadays, with the development of e-commerce platforms, colored poly mailers become important as they are lightweight and cheap.

Colored poly mailers are perfectly for non-fragile items like apparel and books, or coffee.

If you are wondering whether colored poly mailers are right for your products and business, please contact us.

What colors of colored poly mailers do you offer?

At present, WH Packaging made seven colors for our customers, such as white, black, purple, red , pink, green, blue.

And we can offer any color in Pan-tone, you can pick one color and give the information to us and we will customize it to you, but the color will be a little different from the actual production color.


The Pantone Color

What size of colored poly mailers are you available?

WH Packaging offers lots of standard sizes, such as 6 x 9 inches, 7.5 x 10.5 inches, 9 x 12 inches, 10 x 13 inches, 12 x 1.5 inches, 14.5x 19 inches, 19 x 24 inches.

Here is a handy recommended size catalog to get you start:

12 x 15.5″ or 14.5 x 19″ is suitable for Sweater, Dress or jeans, Sheet Set

9 x 12″ is suitable for T-shirt or Fabric Patterns

10 x 13″ is suitable for Dress Shirt or Napkin Set or Yarn

12 x 15.5″ is suitable for two or three Shirts

6 x 9″ is suitable for Socks

7.5 x 10″ is suitable for Tea Towel

Actually, WH Packaging as a professional poly mailers manufacturer for ten years, we can customize any size you need, you can just calculate your products dimension and give it to us, we can recommend the right size for your business and save your shipping cost.

If you are interested in calculate the poly mailer size, here is the method will be useful for you:

What is the average thickness of colored poly mailers?

The average thickness of colored poly mailers is 0.06mm or 2.35mil, more thicker, the price will be more higher.

WH Packaging usually offers 0.05-0.08mm thickness to our customers, you can choose the right thickness to your business.

Normally if you are ship clothes to your customers, and you have the inner package for your clothes, you can choose the 0.05mm thickness poly mailers as they are cheaper.

Blow picture will help you determine what colored poly mailers thickness works best for your application.  

thickness of colored poly mailers

the thickness of colored poly mailers

Are your colored poly mailers matte or glossy?

Yes. Our colored poly mailers can be matte finished or glossy finished.

WH Packaging offers matte poly mailers and glossy poly mailers, there are matte effect and glossy effect, which can make it look a subtle or pop-up.

Compared with the glossy poly mailers, the matte poly mailers touch more soft and look more subdued. And they look luxury. The glossy poly mailers is more popular and they’re slightly more durable as they have an extra coating.

At WH Packaging, you have a choice of matte or glossy finished. Each customer has their own requirements and preferences.

Blow picture is glossy finished poly mailers vs matte finished poly mailers.

matte finished vs glossy finished

matte finished vs glossy finished

How do you manufacturer colored poly mailers?

We have two methods to manufacture colored poly mailers:

  1. Directly blow the film into colored poly mailers. The minimum quantity is 20,000 pieces. If the quantity is large, it will be much cheaper to choose this method, but the color will be slightly different from the first batch to the second batch.
  2. The minimum quantity is 10,000 pieces. If the quantity is small, you can choose printing method, the cost will be cheaper. If the quantity is large, the cost will be high, it is recommended to do blown film.

You can choose the perfect way to manufacture according to your business.

What kind of companies will choose colored poly mailers?

For small express companies, they usually choose white poly mailers and black poly mailers, because these poly mailers are very economy.

For big and brand express companies, they will choose custom poly mailers with their logo, it is easy recognize and it can improve their brand value.

For the poly mailers wholesale, they pick regular size colored poly mailers and custom poly mailers for their customers.

For clothes brand, most of them will choose the custom poly mailers with their brand name on it, as they want to give good impression to their customers and improve the repurchase rate. Some of small brand will choose colored poly mailers as the custom poly mailers are expensive.

The quality of colored poly mailers vs white poly mailers.

Not only the white poly mailer and the colored poly mailer, WH Packaging uses 100% virgin material to make the poly mailers, so the quality of both of them are strong adhesive, waterproof, tear-resistance, and easy for storage.

Here is the video that show you the quality of colored poly mailers and white poly mailers:

What is the Production Lead Time for colored poly mailers?

Normally for small orders, the lead time is 25 wording days, but for the large bulk orders, you can contact us to discuss with it. WH Packaging’s annul production volume is 9,000,000 pieces, you needn’t worried about the lead time we offered to you.

Here are our production workshop:

We have 13 film blowing machines, 8 printing machines, and 18 bag making machines.

How do you Test Quality of colored poly mailers?

WH Packaging offers poly mailers lab testing, not only for colored poly mailers, all kinds of poly mailers will be test before shipping to the customers.

We will use Thickness tester to measure the thickness, the slightly deviation is okay, it will not influence the tear resistance.


Universal tensile tester is used to measure Tensile properties, if the tear resistance is not strong, we will pick the film out and remake it.

Universal tensile tester

Scuff resistance tester is used to measure ink adhesion strength on printed poly film. If your colored poly mailer is printed, we will test the ink adhesion.


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