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Whpack uses ten-color copper plate printing machines to print poly mailers with the most complex designs. And the image on poly mailers is waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistant, and will never fade away.

But some customers don’t understand why their copper plate cost is so expensive. For a seemingly simple design, the printing area is only about 40%, but it costs hundreds of dollars in copper plate fees.

First of all, customers should know that the composition of the copper plate fee is mainly related to the size of the bag and the color printing. The larger the size of the bag, the higher the copper plate fee, and the more colors, the higher the cost as well, we need a corresponding copper plate to print each color; printing too many colors not only increases the cost of the copper plate but also increases the loss rate of the bag, so leads to unit price higher, so for some orders with small quantities and multiple colorful orders, we highly recommended that customers reduce the color to save costs.

In the poly mailer industry generally used for printing is a gravure printing machine (copper plate printing machine) or letterpress printing machine (offset printing machine);

Copper Plate Printing

The printing method is similar to offset printing, and the ink stain on the copper surface is transferred to the plastic bag through a roller-type copper plate die.

Copperplate printing is characterized by fine printing graphics, no missing printing, multiple printing, rough edges, etc. The plate-making process is relatively complicated. To make a printing plate that meets the printing requirements, the operator must be familiar with its process and strictly check the operation of each link, otherwise, quality accidents will easily occur.

Offset Printing

This printing method is to transfer the ink on the rubber surface to the plastic bag through a roller-type rubber die.

Offset printing is characterized by a relatively simple process, large printing volume, short cycle, and low cost. However, due to the characteristics of the offset plate, the produced plate is relatively rough and the precision is not high, so when printing relatively fine graphics and texts, it is easy to have problems such as insufficient printing, missing printing, multiple printing, and rough edges. Therefore, we generally use copper plate printing for customers with fine printing or high printing requirements.

Our company uses copper plate printing technology, which can be used normally for 2-3 years.

WH Packaging Co., LTD, is one of the leading poly packaging manufacturers in China. We supply OEM services for the express shipping industry and e-commerce industry, our main products include poly mailers, bubble mailers, bags on the rolls, etc, Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and more than 200 workers, and our monthly capacity can reach to 100 million pcs. We have 4 workshops, which own 15 sets of blowing machines, 8 sets of printing machines, and 32 sets bag cutting machines. We can customize all kinds of printing bags and designs, such as double adhesive, perforations line, handles, and bottom gussets.

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