How to Reuse Bubble Mailers?

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With lots of packaging options, it’s understandable that you’re kind of stressed about it. They differ not only in terms of sizing but also in the materials. Some come with biodegradable materials, and some are not. Some have bubble wrappings for more protection, while the others only rely on their basic form. So, which one are you going to use?

To know the best possible answer to this question, it’s important to learn about the available kinds of packaging out there. We’ll explain what bubble mailers are, what they do, how they work, and most importantly, how to reuse them. We understand that these envelopes/bags are some kinds of usable items that will always be depleted no matter what. So in order for you to make good use of them, we’ll tell you how in the later section of the article.

For now, let us talk about bubble mailers.

What Is Bubble Mailer?

Have you heard about poly mailers, aka plastic bags? This one looks the same, only with the added bubble wrappings in it. The bubble may work as an effective method to make sure that the product will always be in proper position and protection. By keeping the product to stay in the middle of the packaging, the risks of getting destroyed by scratches and bumps can be significantly reduced.

Some sellers even wrapped their product with bubble wrap and stored it within a bubble mailer. And with that, they have doubled protection, which is nice. In fact, if you can’t find or buy bubble mailers nearby, you can do this method if you only have layers of bubble wraps and plastic bags. Just make sure the packaging is safe enough for delivery.

Why Do People Love Bubble Mailers?

One of the aspects people love about bubble mailers is their sustainability. With the Earth starting to collapse due to global warming, some people started to have an increased awareness of keeping the environment cleaner and safer than before.

Since the materials used in bubble mailers are mostly compostable, they have become a great alternative to plastic bags. The use of bubble mailers will help to stabilize the environmental condition while making sure that your products will always be safe on their way to the customers.

Thankfully, most businesses and enterprises have also started doing the same way by using more sustainable packaging options as alternatives to plastic bags.

Another thing about bubble mailers is that you can also reuse them again multiple times, which highly reduces the cost of packaging material.

Reasons to Pick Bubble Mailer

If you want to send something considered fragile items, then it’s always better to pack in with more protective packaging, such as a bubble mailer.

According to the research, small packages are likely to be tossed, dropped, and handled 27 times on their shipment. Just imagine what your product’s condition is going to be without the protective pads or bubble wraps; they could get destroyed easily.

So, in order to make your items safe on delivery, it’s always better to store them inside a safe, durable package. It’s even better than the packaging and also has a water-resistant feature, which can be beneficial if you want to send small to medium-sized electronics.

How Does Bubble Mailer Protect Your Package?

The way they work is simple. Packages are often dropped, bumped, or tossed during the delivery process. The bubble mailers will protect the valuable items stored within from possible damages and risks that could always happen during the transit. As the name implies, bubble mailers are made out of bubble wraps that work as a barrier against the damage.

What Kind of Bubble Mailer Is There?

If you think that there’s only one type of bubble mailer, then you’d be surprised to see that there are actually more of them out there. There are also some mailers that are made of recycled materials for more sustainability. There are also some mailers that come with additional features and textures.

These options will make sure that you will always have suitable, more proper packaging for your specific items.

And talk about the size, bubble mailers usually come in smaller sizes. Usually, they have measured around 4 – 20 inches in width and 6 – 39 inches in length. The small ones are more suitable for sending smaller items like BluRay Discs, jewelry, or small electronics, while the bigger ones can be used for sending important documents, photos, certificates, or even paintings.

Now, let us talk about what kind of bubble mailer types are there?

Sticky Bubble Mailer

Just as you might expect, the sticky bubble mailers come with sticky taping that can be useful to seal the package. It will prevent anything from going in, even air.

Polypropylene, Paper, Plastic, and Metal Bubble Mailer

And yes, there are some bubble mailers that are different based on their materials. The plastic one is the most affordable and durable; the paper is the common material for bubble mailers, while the other variations, plastic, and metal, may be useful for gifts or personalized packages. Select any of the options based on the items you want to send. Although most mailers come in colors, you can decorate them further by adding cards, ribbons, etc.

Eco-friendly Bubble Mailer

If you want to do an eco-friendly business, you better consider eco-friendly packaging. Now, eco-friendly bubble mailers are made out of biodegradable materials and are safe for the environment. By using this kind of bubble mailer, you can save your products and environment all at the same time.

Bulky Bubble Mailer

For bulk shipping, the most proper packaging is a bulky bubble mailer. You can easily contact creative companies to make hundreds or thousands of customized bubble mailers for you. They will create your own mailers completed with original designs and logos to represent your brand. When you buy them in bulk, you don’t have to spend much more time buying another one online or through the nearest store.

How Can I Use a Bubble Mailer?

Bubble mailers work in the same way as other mailers. The thing is, according to the product’s size, the process should be easy as long as the mailer’s size is correct. To safely store your product inside, you just need to put your item inside, wrap it all together, and you’re done!

To make the package aesthetically more pleasing, you can add ribbons, labels, or stickers. Add a professional touch to increase the packaging’s value.

How Do You Reuse Bubble Mailers?

Bubble mailers are the perfect packaging for fragile items. Through creative methods, you can actually reuse them again and again! There are a lot of methods that can be used actually and can be done in a number of ways.

For example, you can reuse the bubble mailers by sending other items, basically using the same bubble mailers that are still in good condition for another delivery. Thus, you can cut another packaging cost.

Some mailers come with a double seal that’s built-in. If you don’t have it, you can make it on your own! You need to prepare some things first. Before wrapping the package, put your item inside the mailer as you usually do; ensure that the size is correct and proper. Then, use small pegs and a stapler to attach the fabric to the mailer. If you don’t have it, a glue gun is also usable.

To finish things up, use the stapler to close the mailer carefully.

Now, if you have abundant supplies of bubble mailers, you can reuse them in much better ways, like:

Send gifts to your loved ones.

Bubble mailers are usually used for sending gifts, products, or other items. The items here can be anything, like earrings, books, perfumes, watches, bracelets, and others. If you want to send some CDs, you can also use the mailers to protect them better during the delivery. Of course, compared to plastic bags, bubble mailers are a lot safer due to their protective ability. If you’re planning to send a gift to somebody you love, make sure to decorate the packaging with something nice, personal, or funny. Add sentimental value to it by applying dried flowers or other decorative items.

Give Them to Someone Else

For businesses, bubble wraps are surely useful for packaging. That’s why, if you have them for no other purpose, then it’s good to share them with somebody else. If you know someone who has a business, like clothing or accessories, for example, these items will be useful for them. Give them in bulk, which is a better way to give out bubble mailers.

Use Them for Storage

If you have some spare bubble mailers, you can also use them for additional storage. See them as a mini storage box to store smaller things, including cables. So, rather than having them unorganized, it’s better to store them all within a nice storage bag made out of a bubble mailer.


And that covers the topic of how to reuse bubble mailers. These items can be really useful for giving enough protection for your products. If you plan to use them for gifts, be sure to also decorate them to bring out the sentimental and personal value.

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