How to Recycle Poly Mailers?

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how to recycle poly mailers

Poly mailers are a common type of packaging material for shipping items, especially in the eCommerce industry. Poly mailers offer numerous advantages, including their lightweight nature, water-resistant properties, durability, and user-friendliness. Every Picture has two sides one dark and white. Poly Mailers also have a black side (cons) towards the environment. Poly mailers are made of plastic, which means they are not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. The improper disposal of these mailers through disposal or incineration also exacerbates resource depletion and pollution. Thus, a comprehensive understanding of recycling poly mailers is essential. In this article, we will discuss How to Recycle Poly Mailers with some methodologies.

Recycling poly mailers constitutes a commendable endeavor for the environment and society, warranting enthusiastic involvement and propagation. By directing poly mailers to specialized recycling centers, embracing reuse practices, or opting for compostable alternatives, the collective effort diminishes plastic waste production and its ecological impact, thereby contributing significantly to global conservation efforts.

1. Specialized Recycling Centers: A Strategic Approach

The first way is to take poly mailers to a specialized recycling center. Poly mailers belong to flexible plastic, which cannot be mixed with other recyclables, otherwise, it will affect the recycling efficiency and quality. Specialized recycling centers catering to flexible plastics are strategically positioned in various grocery and retail outlets across the nation. Identification of nearby centers can be facilitated through online searches. Before taking them to the recycling center, you need to remove all labels by cutting them out and disposing of them in the trash, so as not to interfere with the recycling process. Furthermore, ensuring the cleanliness, dryness, and stain-free conditions of the mailers is imperative before handing them over for recycling.

2. Reuse: A Pathway to Resource Conservation

The second way is to reuse poly mailers. If the mailers are not damaged or contaminated, you can consider using them again to send items or store things. Intact and uncontaminated mailers offer an opportunity for reuse, thereby reducing resource consumption, extending mailer lifespans, and curbing waste.

When reusing poly mailers, you also need to pay attention to removing the original labels or sticking new ones, to avoid confusion or misdelivery. In addition, you can also use creative ways to transform old mailers into some useful or fun things, such as crafts, toys, decorations, etc.

3. Compostable Mailers: A Sustainable Alternative

A proactive stance to mitigate poly mailer environmental repercussions involves adopting compostable alternatives in lieu of conventional plastic mailers. Compostable mailers are manufactured from natural or renewable materials like corn starch and wood pulp fiber. These components naturally degrade under specific conditions, devoid of hazardous byproducts or residues. The proper use of compostable mailers necessitates strict adherence to disposal instructions, such as depositing them in organic waste bins or composting facilities.


In conclusion, recycling poly mailers is a beneficial thing for the environment and society, and we should actively participate and promote it. By taking poly mailers to recycling centers, reusing them, or choosing compostable alternatives, we can effectively reduce the generation and harm of plastic waste and contribute to protecting the planet.

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