How to Make Your Custom Printed Poly Mailers?

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What are poly mailers?

Poly mailers are made of moisture-resistant polyethylene composed of many of the most widely used plastic products in the world. They are lightweight but sturdy plastic bags designed to ship products. They have a self-sealing foldover lip so no tape is needed, and a shipping label can be directly affixed to the bag. They are thin, yet durable so they don’t take up much space on a truck while in transit.

Why choose custom printed poly mailers?

Giving a poly mailer an identity of your brand will help your company distinguish itself from its competitors. A personalized touch to packaging can lead to having a better customer relationship, and it significantly increases the marketability of the product.

For making your custom printed poly mailers, you can easily create shiny, matte, shiny-matte combined, patterns, etc. It’s you who will choose what needs to be on it, and what you want to tell about yourself to the market.

In the modern-day, beautifully designed packaging is equivalent to having a shopfront. It’s a practical space through which you can express yourself as a brand, and also when it comes to marketing yourself eventually.

Many e-commerce and retail sellers have now turned to poly mailers over boxes. The choice seems fair- poly mailers are lightweight, inexpensive, save space, and work like a cheap branding strategy. Big companies such as Amazon, EMS, FedEx, UPS, and others have their own standardized customization. Your marketing team will also have an easier job to do if the customization of your poly mailer with printing your logo and design there. The design should leave an immediate impression on the customer. In a way, it should reflect the ethos of your brand, and it should be instantly recognizable to build an image in the market.

Also, the custom printed poly mailers help in avoiding shipping mistakes along with an increase in brand awareness.

What you can use the poly mailers to ship?

  • Clothing, socks, shoes
  • Beddings
  • Phone cases
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Arts and prints
  • Gifts
  • Books and other print materials
  • Health and beauty products
  • You can also ship other goods with the poly mailers

What information need to know when make customized poly mailers?


Which size to choose can be based on what you need to pack inside. Different marketing, there will have different popular sizes. Bellow with some popular sizes for your reference.


We make thickness between 0.04mm and 0.15mm; if you use the poly mailers to ship the light goods, you can choose smaller thickness to save cost. If you need to ship heavy goods, then you can choose the thicker options. Most clients prefer 0.06 or 0.07mm thickness.

-Printing Logo & Design

We can print up to 8 colors. However, the more colors, the cost will be higher, so you can make your design and see how many colors need to print. We can also assist you for the design.


We have different material options for you to choose from. Virgin material, Recycled material, Bio-based material, Biodegradable material, etc.

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