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Have you ever shopped online before? Of course, anyone does that, especially in this Era where modernity clearly helps us in multiple ways.

In order to make the products much safer in delivery, most sellers will warp their products in a poly mailer, a sturdy plastic bag. The bag itself is really light, but also sturdy.

Although the name doesn’t ring a bell for most people, we have surely used poly mailers in our daily lives. However, many ordinary people don’t actually know about what this is. Mostly, it’s because of the name. If you use the term ‘plastic bag,’ many people will recognize it immediately.

As more and more online shops do e-commerce, they use poly mailers as packaging for their products. Before being shipped, the products are well packed using plastic bags for their customers.

Whether you are planning to open an online store or already have an online store, and want to use more protection to your medium packaging, then you need to know more about what this packaging is and its advantages compared to other types of packages.

What is Poly Mailer?

A poly mailer is a plastic-based wrapping package. As online sales develop, many business people send service products out of town using logistics delivery services. Well, product shipments are usually packed with poly mailers beforehand to make sure they will always be in good quality during the delivery.

This packaging is made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic. The advantage of this type of plastic is that it can be recycled.

Usually, poly mailers are used as medium packaging for small to medium-sized products. Many business people choose plastic bags compared to other packaging. Especially if the product will be sent to customers who are far away; products that are not properly protected may be damaged during transit.

Poly mailers can also be used to protect packages such as documents and letters. Not only that, you can also pack cloth, towels, or books with a poly mailer. In addition, the use of poly mailer is also environmentally friendly because it decomposes quickly.

It Used by Many Online Sellers

Now business people in various business lines prefer to use simpler packaging compared to the custom one they have to make on their own. Rather than using more complex material as wrapping, they can basically use a poly mailer with light decoration on the front.

As time goes by and technology develops, plastic packaging has begun to transform, and some have passed the food grade test, which means that the packaging is safe when used to wrap food.

Since the bag itself is pretty thin, sometimes sellers also add bubble wrappings to make the product much safer in transit.

Different Types of Poly Mailer

There are some types of poly mailers you can pick based on your needs. They are different in terms of length, size, and composition. Find the best type of poly mailer to package your product!

1. Layflat

If you desire cheap packaging, then this is the option for you. Layflat poly mailers are basically the default white and gray poly bags that are not equipped with bubble padding. This most affordable choice is suitable for packaging clothing, shoes, accessories, and other stuff that won’t be easily damaged.

2. Compostable

The second one is actually similar to the first one but quite different in terms of material composition. This bag can be easily decomposed back to Earth, which can be useful if you want to have an eco-friendly business environment. Compostable poly mailers are great as plastic bag alternatives.

3. Bubble Mailers

The third option here is bubble mailers. The good thing about bubble mailers is they have additional bubble wrap inside to make the product even safer. Compared to ordinary plastic bags, a bubble mailer is much safer.

If you want to send some products like CDs, jewelry, ornaments, or small electronics, bubble mailers will do their job wonderfully.

4. Clearview

Clearview poly mailers have a transparent front, which is usually replaced with the product’s brand or logo. This will allow your customers to easily inspect the product better. They can see the product, its condition, and its quality. So without having to open the package, they will already know whether the product is still of good quality or not.

5. Tyvek Poly Mailers

If you want more protective poly mailers, then the Tyvek poly mailers might be your best option. These bags are made of woven polyethylene fibers and can be processed into something sturdier and more durable than the default poly mailers.

Usually, Tyvek bags are water-resistant and also a pretty affordable option for sending important photos or documents.

6. Expansion Poly Mailers

Last but not least, there are expansion poly mailers. These are the tamper-resistant and heavy-duty poly mailers that are more appropriate for sending bigger products. Expansion bags are made of stronger polyethylene that may grant them the tear-resistant feature. Most bags also come with an added pad on the bottom part.

Where to Buy Poly Mailers?

You can easily get poly mailers in most shops that sell shipping supplies. It’s even easier to search for them online. There are a lot of types and prices to be considered; feel free to do your own search.

If you want to wholesale poly mailers in bulk for your business, you can contact the poly mailer manufacturers in China like WHpack. These manufacturers can provide poly mailers with competitive factory-direct prices and quality guarantee.

Benefits of Poly Mailers

The following are the advantages that poly mailers or plastic envelopes have compared to another packaging that is usually used as a packaging medium for online store products.


The first reason is that poly mailers are pocket friendly. The low price makes your distribution expenses less significant. So that it has an impact on the distribution costs that you will do in the process of shipping goods

Poly mailers can be the right choice for those of you who are just starting a business. You can use it when you want to send and distribute the goods or products you sell.


Poly mailers are made of special waterproof plastic. This is the reason why the poly mailer was chosen. The waterproof and leak-proof LDPE coating protects the product. Your product is also much safer because the plastic layer on the packaging tends to be thicker.

Heat resistant

Did you know that plastic envelope packaging can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius? However, it should be noted that this package cannot stay in the heat for too long. Even so, this packaging has better heat resistance than other packaging.


Because it is made of special water-resistant plastic, poly mailers make packaged items safe. In addition to being anti-wet, the slightly thick surface of the poly mailer protects the goods from hard impacts.

The LDPE plastic layer as the base material for poly mailer is proven to be able to protect your product until it reaches its destination. You don’t have to worry about customer complaints because the product will be safe during the shipping process.


Poly mailers are usually used as packaging for goods that tend to be small to medium in size. This makes poly mailers efficient to use because they follow the size of the packaged goods.

Try to compare it with other packaging such as cardboard boxes which tend to be larger and, of course, require more space. Poly mailers do not require more space.


One of the branding strategies that you can do is to choose a poly mailer that you adjust to your brand identity and brand positioning. You can use a poly mailer as a brand awareness step for your product.

The Downsides

However, even poly mailers are not perfect. There are several downsides you need to consider, such as:

Can’t Be Used for Fragile Products

Fragile items made out of glass and other delicate materials will have a pretty slim chance of surviving if delivered in a poly mailer. So, it’s better for you to pick other packages that are much safer than the plastic bag.

Improper to Send Multiple Items At Once

Due to the small size, it’s near impossible to send multiple items within one poly mailer. Unless those products are small in size (like keychains, rings, etc.), it’s recommended to use bigger packaging, such as the expansion poly mailers.

It Isn’t Durable Enough.

The default poly mailers can be easily ripped in transit if you use the wrong type of poly mailer or if it isn’t properly packaged. So, be sure to always check the products you want to send and the packaging you have. If you don’t have the proper packaging, don’t force the product with a poly mailer. Instead, seek for much better packaging to ensure that the products will always be safe and protected on the way to the customer’s hands.


Poly mailers can be a neat option for affordable packaging that’s most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. They offer good durability that’s enough for protecting small, non-fragile items. There are lots of poly mailers types to consider.

So, feel free to adjust your products with the most proper packaging available. If you want to send items considered fragile, we highly recommend using packaging with bubble wrap to make the product safer.

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