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Plastic packaging waste is filling landfills all around the world. The need for environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic courier bags has increased during the past ten years. Companies want to eliminate disposable plastic courier bags and reach zero-waste objectives.

Although, this zero-emissions shipping is a very long way to achieve. But you can choose various strategies to lessen the shipping carbon impact. For this purpose, use recycled and biodegradable bags. Also, use proper box sizes and work with environmentally friendly sellers.

This article will find the environmental solutions for such courier bags. What kind of pollutants are caused by e-commerce businesses? How can you opt for alternative packaging that can save the planet’s environment? Let’s get started.

Packaging Pollution Behind Courier Service

Online deliveries are becoming common because of the high customer demands. That’s why most companies are shifting towards e-commerce businesses. Thus, to deliver the orders, you need courier packaging. Such plastic packaging is only for single use. You can exchange this packaging for some eco-friendly courier bags.

Plastic Packaging

According to research, the USA produces almost 30 % of waste annually, including packaging garbage. Plastic packaging makes up the majority of this waste. So, eCommerce business holders must take practical measures to switch to environmentally friendly shipping options.

Plastic packaging has a significant drawback in that it is nondegradable. It decomposes into toxic chemicals called microplastics. These compounds adversely affect the air as well as marine life.  

Rigid Courier Bag Wastage

Every year ocean waste contains almost 14 million tons of plastic waste. Around 46% of this waste includes rigid materials like bubble wrap.

Like single-use product packaging, a plastic mailer is swiftly discarded when the buyer receives the package. Your choice of packaging materials has an immediate impact on the environment. For instance, people use corrugated plastic boxes because they are portable, robust, and affordable.

The cardboard, however, cannot be composted like ordinary corrugated boxes because it has wax or plastic coating. However, biodegradable or eco-friendly courier bags are perfect for shipping products as they do not fill landmass with waste.

Strategies for Sustainable Courier Bags

Sustainable packaging is essential. So, always go for eco-friendly courier bags that reduce a negative impact on the environment. Save this planet for future generations by following some strategies.

  1. Advertise Recycling Techniques

Teach your customers how to recycle and discard your packing materials properly. Because recycling policies differ from city to city, this step may be challenging. But, by clearly displaying recyclable or reusable packaging, you may spread fundamental best practices.

  • Use Compact Packaging

Use less packaging, as it will help you make a significant environmental difference. Go for the relatively little boxes, courier bags, and containers for shipping the product. This action not only makes your business more environmentally friendly, but it also may result in lower shipping expenses.

Start by using fewer fillers and smaller packaging items to minimize the size of your packages. Experiment with the shape and placement of your products. Estimate if you can adjust the product in smaller courier bags.

For instance, if you are selling furniture. Look for the option if you can dismantle it. Consider alternative positioning strategies for the various parts of your product to see which method will free up the most space.

Do you ship clothing, bedsheets, or other goods? Keep them securely wrapped to ensure they fit neatly in smaller boxes.

  • Recycled Materials for Packaging

Using recycled packaging can significantly increase the life of formerly used materials. Consider using packaging produced from recycled materials when choosing boxes or mailers.

One of the most typical types of recycled packaging is paperboard cardboard. Paperboard is made from recycled paper pulp. It is lightweight and simple to cut and shape, making it the perfect material for shipping containers.

Moreover, kraft paper bags can be easily composted in municipal composters or at home.

Kraft paper bags and boxes are free from bleaching, so they aren’t harmful to the environment compared to other bleached paper products.

You can also choose mailers and containers from recycled plastic items like bottles and single-use bags. These plastics are cleaned at a recycling center and recycled into packaging.

  • Packaging Made from Plants

Plant-based alternatives are quickly gaining ground in the industry of packaging materials. As their name implies, these materials are manufactured from biological sources, such as corn, food waste, and even seaweed and mushrooms.

The products you must package or deliver will determine the most suitable plant-based courier bags. For instance, if you sell food, you should make sure the packaging can protect it without diluting the flavor.

You can use bioplastics for this. Use sturdy plant-based materials, such as packing made of corn flour and mushrooms, if you’re delivering more critical things.

  • Edible Packaging

Consider that edible packaging belongs to plant-based packaging. Both have biological sources. However, edible packaging goes one step beyond because you can also eat it.

Edible packaging is an excellent alternative for businesses that sell food and drinks because it may enhance your already tasty products.

  • Packaging for Planting

Yes. You can plant this packaging material. It is precisely what its name sounds like. Seeds are embedded in such materials, so whenever your customer opens the product, they can plant that seed embedded in packaging material.

Packaging for plantation is excellent for holding small, light products like jewelry or cosmetics. Additionally, you can use them as product wraps or fillers.

  • Other Biodegradable Materials

Well, it is near impossible to eliminate plastics. An alternative option is a bioplastic. It is a plant-based product that produces less pollution than other plastic. Recycled food wastages, Corn starch, vegetable oil, and fats make such bioplastics. They are recyclable and compostable.

There are biodegradable plastics, which are produced from microorganisms, orange peels, and soybeans. Such packaging materials degrade when exposed to light, heat, or water.

Plant fibers like cotton make excellent wrapping materials for products. Similarly, you can cushion your items using recycled cardboard corrugated bubble wraps. Bubble wrap made of corrugated cardboard can be recycled and composted.


Hence, I have provided a detailed overview of how you can resolve the courier bag problems as they pollute the environment. You must choose the packaging material carefully for the shipment. Avoid using plastic wrappings for a safe environment as it is not degradable. I have mentioned multiple environmental solutions for courier bags. Opt for one of them according to your business.

Read this article thoroughly to understand the reasons clearly. Leave your thoughts in a comment if any other solution comes to your mind.

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