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If you are trying to find a reliable way to ship your products, a way that will be able to protect the items in the shipping process then you should try poly mailers for shipping purpose. Poly mailer will decrease the shipping costs so more customers will be attracted towards you. If your business is about apparel and soft good then poly mailers are the best pick for you. In case you are just getting to know about poly mailers, this definitive guide to poly mailers will help you. You can find every basic thing you need to know about poly mailers in this article. So let’s get started.

What is Poly Mailers?

The lightweight, thin, protective bags which are commonly used as shipping bags are known as poly mailers (also known as courier bags or mailer bags). They are made up of durable, moisture resistant polyethylene (commonly known as plastic) film. Usage and popularity of poly mailers have been increasing day by day due to its various benefits over other shipping packages. These plastic bags are durable, cheaper, and weather proof so it will reach your customer’s footstep without any tear. Moreover, poly mailers come in various sizes and dimensions plus they are customizable so they are suitable for many different types of products.

Types of Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers come in variety of sizes and types. Depending upon usage of poly mailers, one might have to prefer one type over other. For your convenience, here we have provided all types of poly mailers with their brief description to help you understand and select the best for you.

Layflat Poly Mailers

Layflat poly mailers are the basic and widely used plastic bags which can be used for anything from magazines, books, cloths to pants and other goods. They are best suited for objects which don’t need extra cushioning. Layflat poly mailers are light-weight and can provide enough protection needed for the object. You can also customize them with your company’s label and seal it easily during manufacturing process using seal-seal adhesive strip

Expansion Poly Mailers

As the name suggests, expansion poly mailers are designed to have distinctive expandable side so that bulky items can be easily stored and shipped in them. They have high end seams so even the over packed bulkier items are protected in these bags. In addition, expansion poly mailers are resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, and tempering. Due to these features, these bags are perfect for storing and shipping large products like binders, catalogs, hoodies, or jackets. Expansion poly mailers also have self seal closure.

Tyvek® Poly Mailers

Tyvek poly mailers is a term referred to the mailer which are made up of the material Tyvek, a highly dense polyethylene fibers, rather than simple polyethylene film. They are much stronger than ordinary mailers and traditional paper bags so they are ideal for items like documents, photographs, and paperwork. Due to their durability, lightweight and cost effectiveness they are highly used for posting purposes.

Returnable Poly Mailers

Once you are in business you have to face return of items one day. Returnable poly mailers are made for this purpose. If customer is purchasing goods from you online then it’s better to send them in returnable poly mailers. Because of its two self seal adhesive closure, one for shipment and other for return, it becomes easy for customer to return goods and for you to receive them. Items will also reach you safely in this way.

Clear View Poly Mailers

Clear view poly mailers or transparent poly mailers is an ideal package for businesses that ship magazines, catalogs, and other printed material. In clear view poly mailers, the front of the package is transparent to display the product. On the other hand, the back of poly mailer is opaque so that you can easily provide mailing address, labels, postage, and other important information. These poly mailers are self sealable.

Bubble-Lined Poly Mailers

Bubble-lined poly mailers are just like layflat poly mailers. The only difference is that bubble-lined poly mailers has extra cushion padding for items which need extra care during shipping. The fragile items like jewelry pieces, small electronics, or other small items can be sent by using these poly mailers. These mailers are also self sealable.

Colored Poly Mailers

Colored poly mailers are designed to attract customers. If you want your brand to stand out then this type of packaging would be best. Technically, colored poly mailers are same as layflat poly mailers, they are just printed with many different colors which gives them attractive display. Due to presence of labels and inks on it, colored poly mailers provide great protection against dirt, dust, and moisture. On top of the bag, there is peel and stick strip which makes these bags self sealable.

Long Poly Mailers

Long poly mailers are just like ordinary poly mailers except they are extra lengthy. They are designed to store and deliver long and narrow items. If you are a company trying to ship roll of wallpapers, gift wraps, posters, fabrics, and other long stuff then these mailers are the best pick for you. They are resistant against moisture, tampering, and dust. It has self seal adhesive closing option.

What is the material in poly mailers?

Poly mailers have its uses in almost every major and minor field. But to your surprise, there is not much material used in manufacturing of poly mailers. All the types of poly mailers are made up of single material, polyethylene. Polyethylene is simply plastic. So, to reduce pollution and protect nature many companies produce recyclable poly mailers. In recyclable poly mailer the new mailer will be produced by taking polyethylene material from the previous disposed mailer.

Plastic poly mailers are quite sturdy but if you want to ship very delight products then you may require extra strength poly mailers. In this case poly mailers made from Tyvek are the best choice.

Why should you use Poly Mailers?

Many people may find objection in using poly mailers because they are made up of plastic. But the advantages of poly mailers are far more than its disadvantages. There are number of reasons why poly mailers are becoming popular day by day but here are few of them:

  • Poly mailers are cheaper to purchase as compared to the corrugated boxes.
  • They also have less shipping costs
  • You can customize it with your brand logo
  • Eco friendly options available
  • Weather proof, resistant proof, and water proof.
  • Poly mailers are very thin as compared to the boxes and other shipping packages, so they take up a less space.
  • Poly mailers are made up of durable material, so it’s not easy to tamper or torn these packages.
  • Depending upon there sealing design, they can be reusable.
  • Poly mailers are a lot light weight than other packaging solutions out there.

Where should you use Poly Mailers? | Applications of Poly Mailers

Poly mailer is the widely used packaging solution and almost every industry is using these. But here are have provided the major applications of poly mailers.

Any product which has sturdy packaging

Poly mailers are best suited for products who are already in sturdy packaging and needs just extra protection during shipment. If your item is already packed in cardboard box and you need extra packaging to deliver the box to your customer then use poly mailers because they provide low shipping costs. Fragile items like ointments, mirror, jewelry pieces, and other items like these need to have sturdy packaging before shipping them in poly mailers.

Products which cannot be crushed

Small and fragile products are needed to be in another sturdy packaging before packing them in poly mailers. But in case you have to ship items which cannot be easily crushed like phone cases, deck of playing cards, other board games, or magazines then you can directly use poly mailers.


Apparel includes products like pants, shirts, foot wears, and jeans. These products are made up of material which cannot be crushed. So they are perfect candidates for poly mailers. Similarly, all of the products like cloths, products made up of fabric, watches, face masks, gloves, bedding, and yarn can be easily shipped with poly mailers.

Books and Printed Media

As previously discussed, bubble lined poly mailers are made to ship books and printed media. Bubble-lined mailers gave extra cushioning so it will provide extra protection to your books and prevent them from ripping apart.

Health and Beauty products

Just like all other items, health, beauty, and personal care products can also be shipped using poly mailers. Most commonly shipped products using poly mailers are nutrients supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, and other products like these.

How to choose Poly Mailers for your business?

There are many poly mailer manufacturers and finding one who will be best for you is a difficult task. Here we have provided some basic questions you need to ask in order to find the best poly mailer manufacturer for your business.

How to determine the manufacturer of Poly Mailers?

As the demand of poly mailers is increasing day by day, many people started business of poly mailer manufacturing. Some manufacturers offer only simple or printed poly mailers while others offer customized poly mailers. So, do your through research and see the cons and prons of every manufacturer before signing the contract with them. We will advise you to work with custom poly mailer manufacturer and Whpack is best in this regard.

What is the cost of Poly Mailers?

Every manufacturer has its own policies when it comes to poly mailers. Some may provide large number of mailers is relatively less cost while others may charge you a lot. This all depends upon the quality of poly mailer and the manufacturer who is making it. Do not fall for low price marketing stunts because in such a case, the products will be  of low quality. If you want to get good quality poly mailers in reasonable price you have to do thorough research.

Quality of Poly Mailers

Quality of mailers is important because these are the bags which are going to carry your items in a long journey. So inquire about the quality of mailers before selecting a manufacturer. Many manufacturers promise to provide good quality mailer bags in low cost but all of these ate usually scam. Do complete research, and read reviews about each manufacturer before trusting one specific one.

Is customization of design available?

Customized poly mailers are vital if you want to promote your business. Look for a manufacturer who offers plenty of poly mailers designs along with the option of customization.

The importance of using Poly Mailers with your custom designs

There are many benefits of using poly mailers and here we have provided the major ones to give you an overview about what advantages you are going to get.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is the main advantage of custom poly mailers. Because customers often return items if they don’t feel satisfied. So in this case, you need to have a reliable way for returning of items. And custom poly mailers is the best way to secure the returning of your items efficiently.

Powerful First Impression

First impression of your brand on customers is necessary to build a long term relationship with that customer. In addition, impressive packaging also attract more customers. And by custom poly mailers you can attract customers and spread awareness about your brand.

Protection of Merchandise

Poly mailers are made up of water proof material and they are quite sturdy and provide protection against all odds. And when protected items will reach your customers they will trust you and buy items from you again.

Branding and Advertising

Contact custom poly mailers manufacturers and ask them for a custom mailer with your brand logo on it. In this way, your packages will be recognized immediately and they will also act as an advertisement. Make sure that your custom poly mailer has a creative design and appealing colors.

How to get custom poly mailers?

Now you know everything about poly mailers, custom poly mailers and their advantages. You also know about manufacturers of custom poly mailers but how to customize you poly mailers is still a question. Here we have provided all the basic steps you need to do in order to get an appealing poly mailer.

● Choose a mailer size

The first step to custom poly mailers is to select a size. Poly mailers come in variety of sizes and dimensions. You should inspect and examine your product before determining the size of mailer bag you want. Choosing the right size is crucial so take your time in this step.

● Select a color

The next step is to select the color of your mailer bag. Depending upon the type of design you want on your bag, the background color may vary. For example, white grey background color will look good if you want a canvas on your mailers.

● Research on artwork

Your custom poly mailers should have a specific theme in order to represent your brand. Browse through different artworks and pick a specific design for you. Moreover, if there is an event, or holiday coming up you can also order limited edition poly mailers for that specific time.

● Add artwork

Once you have determined the artwork and background color, the next step is to let your manufacturer know about your demands. Show him the design you want and ask him to add those designs on your custom poly mailers.

● Add text and logo

Once you are finished with artwork, then you have to add a logo, or any other text if you want, to your poly mailers. By adding logo and text you are specifying that these mailer bags belong to you. Once you will establish your name, your customers will also recognize you from your customized mailer bags. So try to add an innovative text.

● Select quantity

Selecting quantity of bags you need to order is the last step. Once you are done telling the manufacturer all your needs you can ask him for sample to see if the mailer is looking appealing. If you find any flaw change it, if you find it good then it’s time to tell the manufacturer about the quantity of mailer bags you want to order in a single go. After this step, your order is completed. The only thing left to do is to make a payment and get your order.

Final Verdict

This takes us to the end of article. We have provided all the basic details you need to know in order to design a good looking and appealing custom poly mailers. But one thing that you should always keep in mind that never compromise on quality for money. A good quality poly mailer is your business partner in a long run. Always hire trustworthy manufacturer, WhPack is best in this regard. Pay special attention to the customization of your mailer bags. If your bags has innovative design with bright but sophisticated colors, it will look different and unique in the racks of market. A poly mailer makes your brand stand out. Read our above definitive guide to poly mailers so you won’t mistake as a beginner.

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