9 Tips for Purchase Bulk Poly Mailer

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9 Tips for Purchase Poly Mailers Bulk

With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more products are sold on online platforms. Whether the product has an inner packaging, the seller will put in to a courier bag to ship it. So how to purchase poly mailers bulk? How can I choose a poly mailer bag suitable for my products while saving costs?

Below I will introduce to you a few key points of choosing poly mailers bulk:

1. Tear-Resistance:

As long as the poly mailers are made of 100% new PE material, it definitely has strong toughness and can ensure the safety of the product.

A good courier bag is not easy to damage, at least a force of 3-5cm must be pulled outward to reflect the quality of the bag.

2. Thickness:

The thickness of the courier bag is generally about 6-8 mil. For small lightweight items or the clothes, the thickness is mostly 6 mil. If the item is a little bit large or weights more than 2KG, generally the thickness is 8 mil.

Please noted that the thicker the poly mailer, the higher the price. Although the thickness of the poly mailer bag is different, there is no difference in the tear-resistance and the firmness of the sealing edge and the destructiveness of the glue.

3. Firmness Edge:

The firmness of the courier bag’s edge is very important. Some manufacturers have poor edge-sealing and cutting technology, resulting in insufficient bonding of the bag’s edge and easy cracking. 

If the edge of the courier bag suddenly breaks, the customer’s product will be exposed, which will not protect the privacy of the product.

4. Strong Adhesive:

The poly mailer bags must have strong adhesive, It is not that the more advanced glue can be more sticky. To achieve the destructive effect of the sealing, the glue needs to be suitable for the characteristics of the material of the express bag.

Another point is that the viscosity of the glue is affected by temperature. The general glue on the market is difficult to achieve the destructive effect in low temperature environment. Therefore, WH Global Pack uses high-quality glue, which allows our poly mailers to maintain strong adhesion and destructive effects at -30 degrees. 

5. Courier bill:

The stickiness of the courier bag and the courier bill is related to the material of the bag itself. To choose 100% new PE material is more  guarantee.

6. Security:

Courier bags need to have privacy and security! General shipping bags are white on the outside and black on the inside, which can ensure the privacy of the products.

7. Waterproof:

The poly mailer needs to be waterproof to prevent the product from getting wet due to rain or accidents.

8. Size:

Be sure to determine the size of your product when purchasing a courier bag, so as not to make the bag too small to fit the product, or the bag is too large, which wastes the cost. If you want to know how to choose the size of the courier bag, here is the ultimate guide to poly mailer size.

9. Customization:

If you want to customize printed poly mailers, in order to save costs, it is recommended to simplify the design and try to make only one or two colors print, otherwise the bags will be very expensive.


When buying bulk poly mailer bags, you must consider the capability of the poly mailer manufacturers.

The products produced by small manufacturers must be of different quality from those produced by professional manufacturers. Although the price of professional manufacturers may be slightly more expensive, but in terms of destroy of products and the loss of customers, the extra cost is worth it.

WH is a manufacturer specializing in custom poly mailers. It has 10 years of experience. The customers we have cooperated with are TNT, UPS, COSTCO and other well-known brands.

Our annual output value can reach 900 million units. We have strict quality control and customers who have cooperated will continue to repurchase. I believe we are the best choice for you to buy bulk poly mailers.

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