Professional Courier Bags Manufacturer

  • Low MOQ 10,000 to support your business.
  • Remarkable direct product factory prices.
  • Custom poly mailers and bubble mailers are available.
  • 10+ years of courier bag production experience.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Control System.

About WHpack Courier Bags Manufacturer

As a professional courier bags manufacturer in China, WHpack has been focusing on the production of poly mailers and bubble mailers since 2010. WHpack company can provide various mailing bags with custom logos, sizes, prints, and designs to meet different business needs.

  • Min Order Quantity: 10,000 PCS
  • Custom Options: size, printing, color, company brand logo, material, and designs.
  • Custom Materials: polyethylene, paper, kraft, LDPE,PBAT/PLA(biodegradable polymers), recycled plastic material, Post-consumer waste(pcw), etc.
  • Custom Types: tamper-proof courier bags, custom printed courier bags, custom bubble mailers, mailing bags on the roll, etc.
  • Features: eco friendly, water/moisture resistant, recyclable, adhesive flap closure, peel & seal adhesive liner, durable, compostable, biodegradable, etc.

Custom Poly Mailers Wholesale >>

Available Types: custom poly mailers with logo, custom printed poly mailers, compostable poly mailers, custom poly mailers with handles, holographic metallic poly mailers, plain polymailers (white, pink, blue, black, gold, and more colors), poly mailer with pocket, mailing bags on the roll, etc.

Custom Bubble Mailers Wholesale >>

Available Types: kraft bubble mailer, colored bubble mailers, custom bubble mailers with logo, custom printed bubble mailers, branded bubble mailers, holographic bubble mailers, eco friendly biodegradable bubble mailers, compostable bubble mailer, etc. Factory direct prices.

Looking For Custom Shipping Mailers with Competitive Prices & Exceptional Quality?

Why Choose Us?

Courier Bags Manufacturer‘s factory

12 Years of Manufacturing Experiences

WHpack is a leading custom courier bags manufacturer based in China, we established our packaging business and set up our factory in Huizhou in 2008.

Around these years, WHpack courier bags manufacturer has been committed to the comprehensive poly mailer solutions for our esteemed partners of the express delivery company, e-commerce, and wholesale distributors.

Customized Packaging Solutions

WHpack courier bags manufacturer provides custom packaging solutions to meet all your shipping needs. Tell us what kinds of shipping bags you are looking for and how they should be designed. And our poly mailer factory will manufacture your poly mailers in bulk and send them to you quickly.

Customizable, Lightweight, Compact, Recycled, Environmentally Friendly, and Affordable

WHpack courier bags manufacturer offers efficient poly mailer bags of all sizes to all businesses.

poly mailer factory

Modern Machinery
High Productivity

Our courier bags factory features numerous modern machines for higher efficiency, production, and quality assurance, which also means WHpack can produce your mailing bags on time and in full, every time.

WHpack is a company with a conscience. We are a leading provider of mailing bags that are environmentally responsible. WHpack courier bags manufacturer offers the most sustainable shipping bags – tear-proof, waterproof, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable, which means “eco-friendly”.

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One-Stop Custom Poly Mailer Service

Customize your packaging to increase the visibility of your brand! From consultation and packaging design to production & logistics, we’ve got you covered!

Consultation & Support

Tell us your business type, packaging needs, and budgets.

Design & Size Confirmation

Confirm the design, color, printing, and size of your mailing bags.

Production & Quality Contol

Mass production & Serious quality control for safety and reliability.

Packaging & Logistics

Your mailers will be transported by plane, ship, train, and other ways you need.

Our Factory

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